Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Introducing Judita Pamfil, artist, poet, writer...aaduna 2014 summer contributor

Judita Pamfil, Poet/Writer/Visual Atrtist
Port Hope, Ontario, Canada is nestled at the mouth of the Ganaraska River and situated on the north shore of Lake Ontario.  It is in this small, picturesque town noted for its well preserved Main Street dotted with antique and specialty shops that Judita Pamfil creates bold and vibrant works of art, as well as serene, muted, captivating oil paintings. An elegant poet and writer, Judita's recent artwork is featured in the coming summer issue, as well as her poetry. 

Last year, she released MOON SONGS poems.  Pamfil's  wonderfully designed book is available to you by contacting her at juditapamfil@sympatico.ca

If you are a first time reader of her work and observant of her visual images, I suspect you will enjoy what Judita has brought to aaduna and then become a fan!    
Here is a sample of her artwork:

We look forward to publishing Judita's outstanding work in aaduna's upcoming issue!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Introducing Jeffrey Lee Graham…aaduna summer 2014 Contributor

"My Reaction to Despair Volume I" - Digital Book by Jeffrey Lee Graham, aaduna featured artist Volume 4, Issue 2
The aaduna family continues to mourn the tragic passing of Robin Williams, a stellar comedic and dramatic talent and exemplary human being. We do not believe or support pandering or hitching our wagon to a situation that should remain private and sacred. With that said we are taking the rare position to share our decision and behind the scenes talk as we decided to publish an intriguing piece of creative work. Our decision-making timeline is critically important for our readership.

On March 29th, Mr. Graham submitted his work to aaduna, and Keith Leonard, our submissions manager, responded, “…I find your work to have a residual power, lingering presence and intriguing affect and have sent it on to our visual arts editor, publisher and a few other reviewers. [Yeah, I jumped started the process.]”

On March 31st, Keith once again communicated with Mr. Graham and stated in part, “We want to publish your work in our summer 2014 issue. Interestingly, everyone found your work to be powerful, provocative and poignant...a piece that can encourage honest dialogue and contemplation.”

On March 31st, we sent the Publication Letter of Agreement to Mr. Graham with the intent of publishing his work in the summer 2014 issue. He accepted our publication offer.

That is the background.

Jeffrey Lee Graham’s work is entitled “My Reactions to Despair.”

Without awareness of Mr. Graham’s work and through “messaging” with the spirit of Robin Williams, an aaduna Board member who is a licensed therapist in the mental health field, and in service as a Spiritual Seer offered a free public webinar to freely discuss and share the dynamics surrounding depression and suicide in light of the Robin Williams passing. We suspect despair may be the initial stage or warning signs of this deadly disease…depression.

Experience Mr. Graham’s creative book, “My Reactions to Despair” in the summer issue. And please take the time to embrace and support your family, friends and associates who struggle everyday to overcome what they may feel is a hopeless situation. Your helping hand and unsolicited kindness can save a life, lift someone up, and invigorate another’s spirit that needs a heartfelt word and show of support and caring. 

 Stay creative, 


Friday, August 15, 2014

Announcing the aaduna summer 2014 issue Contributors

Owasco Lake, Auburn, NY ~ August 2014  Photo By:  Lisa Brennan

The following individuals will have their work featured in aaduna’s upcoming
Volume 4, No. 2 issue:  (Scheduled to launch this month!)


Chrystal Berche                        Osage, IA

Persecution Avenue                  Baltimore, MD

Olivia Lin DeLuca                     Levittown, PA

William Bretton Hodge              Fortville, IN

Mike Jurkovic                            Wallkill, NY

Natasha Knight                         Green River, WY

Joyce Miller                               Cincinnati, OH

Judita Pamfil                             Port Hope, Ontario, Canada

Sarah Wyman                            Rosendale, NY


Tom Backer                               Erlanger, KY

Millie Chapman                         Nashville, TN

TD Flenaugh                             Los Angeles, CA

Matt Gillick                               Reston, VA

Austin Morgan                          Jasper, IN

Mike Murray                             Cambridge, MA


Chrystal Berche                         Osage, IA

Jeffrey Lee Graham                   San Francisco, CA

Judita Pamfil                              Port Hope, Ontario, Canada

 We will be  introducing each of our contributors and sharing "teasers" throughout the next several days!  

Stay tuned!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Gearing Up and Revving the Engines!

We are finalizing the contributors for the summer 2014 issue and releasing the last batch of  Publication Letters of Agreement.  When that process is over, to get you pumped for the summer 2014 issue, we will start our promotional teasers.  You know, those brief fiction excerpts, bits and pieces of poetic work and excerpted bios of the contributors for the coming issue.

Until then, here are some non-thematic, unrelated images from what the summer has been in our arena of the world.


American Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore, MD

Baltimore Inner Harbor, Baltimore, MD 

American Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore, MD

View of Lake Ontario, The Lake House Restaurant, St Catherine's, Ontario CANADA

aaduna's summer 2014 issue is pacing the yard, waiting for us to open the gate! The summer contributors carrying on our tradition of presenting intriguing and captivating words and images.  You will soon see what we already know!

Get ready...

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Firecrackers are not just for the Fourth!!!

The Council of Literary Magazines and Presses [clmp] just announced that the The Firecracker Awards for Independently and Self-Published Literature are back and [clmp] is accepting submissions now through Sept 1st.

Check out this feature in Publishers Weekly for more information about the award's legacy.
All independent publishers and self-published authors of literature are encouraged to submit to the Firecracker Awards. CLMP is accepting submissions in five categories: fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, young adult, and graphic novel. All submissions will be read by at least two readers. Winning titles will be highlighted in a national marketing campaign that features prominent placement in indie bookstores from coast to coast, and will receive significant digital marketing with the Firecracker Award Winning Book logo. Submission fees will be used to generate marketing materials for winning titles and to raise necessary funds for CLMP.

For more details about the judging process and how to submit, please visit [clmp]’s Submittable page.

aaduna suggests that you share this information with colleagues and associates.


Stay Creative!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Happy Pride !

We realize that some members of the aaduna community, have already celebrated Pride Month in June, did so this weekend, or will do so during the next several weeks. We join our voice with the LGBT community to articulate that human rights, inclusion, respect for cultural/ethnic/political differences, equity and citizens rights must be available to everyone.  
We understand most of these issues are still challenges; well-intentioned people have differences of opinion stemming from socio-political-economic and religious perspectives, and obstacles to basic, human rights are not limited to any geographical region of the world or a specific country or neighborhood.  As we maintain our commitment to providing safe harbor and publishing opportunities for poets, writers and visual artists, we fall back on our Mission of inclusion, empowerment, and the willingness to embrace others the way we want to be embraced. 

Here are some photos of the Pride parade in Rochester, NY (July 19th,) which was part of a three-day weekend festival.  If you have photos of ethnic/cultural events that have already occurred or plan to attend a few such events in the upcoming months  (i.e. Caribbean carnivals, Pow-Wows, etc.) please consider sharing those photos with us via our Facebook page. Aaduna, Inc 

I recall a saying/motto from a Harlem-based organization from back in the day..."Each One, Teach One."


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Congratulations are in order!

aaduna Board members make things happen and have an impact on their communities locally and regionally. 

Here is a brief update on what aaduna Board members and advisors are up to:

Dr. Walt Aikman, faculty member at Cayuga Community College and natural resources consultant, was recognized on May 29th by the city of Auburn during an annual awards program for his efforts toward environmental preservation and urban forestry.  The city's Historic Resources Review Board presented Dr. Aikman its Award for Landscape Preservation in a ceremony recognizing National Preservation Month. His award was for his work in preserving the city's urban forestry. Walt was recognized by the HRRB for his role as an environmental advocate, educator and frequent volunteer teaching the public about invasive species or planting trees citywide, Aikman is often among those spearheading these enterprises.

Sean McLeod has been busy for the past several months in New York City leading pre-audition workshops centering on his Reinforced Motor Function Technique, as well as conducting an open audition for the Sean McLeod Dance Experience, which is the touring/performing arm of Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre company.  Mr. McLeod’s NYC work will culminate in a two-week New York Dance Festival: Summer Dance Intensive scheduled to occur in Auburn, NY from July 14-25 at West Middle School on Genesee Street

Nia Rock, aaduna Board of Advisors member was awarded her MBA from Bard College after successfully completing a rigorous and intensive program of study, internships and self-directed field work.  Nia was feted at a gala June 28th affair attended by family, friends and colleagues hosted at a private residence on Riverside Drive in New York City.  Ms. Rock is a vice president with Sovereign Bank.

Congratulations to Walt, Sean and Nia!

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