Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Clark and Blalock...on the "art" of food and words

 King crab fritters, one of the appetizers before the dinner on Friday at the LongHouse barn. Ellen M. Blalock | eblalock@syracuse.com           

Former aaduna Board of Directors' member Dr. Patricia E. Clark and current Board member Ellen Blalock collaborated on a story initially published by Syracuse.com regarding the recent 2014 LongHouse Food Revival. Check their story out:

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

aaduna Board brings 2014 to a close...

aaduna Board of Directors (left to right)   Ellen Blalock, Billye Chabot, Madelaine Whalen (summer intern) Sheila Applegate, Bill Berry, Sean McLeod, Walt Aikman, Lisa Brennan

On Monday evening, September 15th, the aaduna Board of Directors convened to hear and discuss the state of aaduna, analysis of the spring 2014 fundraisers, future capacity building plans, 2015 fundraising options, as well as plans to celebrate 2015 as the fifth year of publishing aaduna.  The Board also heard and discussed marketing initiatives, new features for “aaduna notes” and received a first hand account of the summer’s internship initiatives.

aaduna BOD members:  Sheila Applegate, Billye Chabot, Sean McLeod

This annual meeting concluded another year of exemplary service, guidance, and support from Board members.  They have our heartfelt thanks.  And if you do not know our Board, please visit www.aaduna.org and click on “Meet the Team.”  



Sunday, September 14, 2014

Celebrate with Us…Five Years and Still Going Strong!

February 28, 2015 will mark the official fifth year of aaduna.  Time does fly!

aaduna Premier Issue ~ Winter 2011, "Shamon's Vision," by David Roche, Photographer

We first published aaduna in February 2011 to bring emerging, new, and established voices and visionaries together in a diverse, pluralistic, multi-cultural literary and arts journal.   

aaduna Summer 2011 Issue, "Father & Daughter Fishing," by Lisa Brennan, Photographer (c) 2011

We started aaduna to provide a positive and supportive avenue for people of color whose
opportunities for getting their work published still had limitations and obstacles.  We started aaduna to promote work often overlooked or disdained by others.   

aaduna Summer 2012 Issue, "Italian Ices," by Colette Fournier, Photographer (c) 2012

We started aaduna to be writer/artist friendly in all our business transactions while providing appropriate forums for contributors to present their work to the public and engage the audience in lively discussion. 
aaduna Fall 2012 issue, "Corruption of the Modern Snow White"
by Yuge Zhou, Photographer (c) 2012

As we look to celebrate our first five years, we will stay   true to the aaduna Mission.

Celebrate with us!  Submit your unpublished poems, fiction, non-fiction, and visual images to us by NOVEMBER 13, 2014 for consideration for the fifth year winter/spring 2015 issue.

For submission details CLICK HERE

aaduna is now read in 73 countries! Help us make the fifth year a global reflection of the multi-cultural world in which we exist.  Submit your work or encourage writers and artists that you know to submit their work.  And thank you for your support and enabling aaduna to reach this milestone.     

Monday, September 8, 2014

The West meets East!

It started in the Auburn, NY post office earlier this afternoon.  A customer at the service counter was awash in muted earth toned clothes with a distinctive western type gear ambiance from the wide brim somewhat sombrero type hat to the boots to the corduroy pants with leather inserts along the backside and sides of the pants.  With a nice flowing shirt, I noticed the weathered and tan hands though I could not make out facial features.  I was reminded of the Gauchos of the Pampas in Argentina because this customer immediately brought that image to mind.   The person was ahead of me as we exited the post office and I said that man looks like he rode in on a horse.  As I chuckled at my joke, I was determined to see what car he got into.  As I panned the parking lot to guess the vehicle, lo and behold, there were two horses hitched to the fence down where the mailboxes are located and the person was soon engaged with another customer in what appeared to be a discussion about directions.  Packs were lying on the ground and the horses were saddled and amicably waiting.  I was in awe and regretted that my phone had no picture taking memory available. 

Once home, I shared the story with my wife.  She found it unbelievable and prompted me to take her back by the post office just in case the person was still there.  When that proved fruitless, she wanted me to scout the arterial or Route 20 (West) to look for a person who could not have traveled far and spun anecdotes about the plight of horses in a city of cars, trucks and buses. 

We needed to go to Big Lots and as I turned onto Genesee Street from Loop Road, I said to my wife, “Look…this is what I was talking about.”  The rider and two horses were heading east on Genesee and I was commanded to pull over into the Family Video parking lot so she could wait and capture a picture. 

Genesee St, Auburn, NY ~ "Look... this is what I was talking about!"  


Of course, I had to approach the rider and was taken aback when I realized the rider was a woman.  I let her know I saw her at the post office and could I take a picture.  She agreed and brought her horses onto the grass meridian and by then we were in front of the VFW where two gentleman joined my conversation with her. 

She had to go to Rite Aid and was trying to figure out the best way to move across the street, cars were stopping and staring.  She hitched the horses to the railing closest to Packages Unlimited and the folks there provided water for her horses.  Before she ventured into Rite Aid to replace her watch, she invited me to help water the horse and by then one of them resumed the nuzzling of my chest and hands that had started across the street.

Rite Aid parking  lot, Auburn, NY - the rider hitched her steeds to the railing, and then went inside to buy a watch.  (the one she had was broken) 

bill berry helped water the horses, and kept a lookout for their well-being while the rider went inside to shop.  This horse definitely liked him.

Here is the background story:

Bernice Ende, pictured on a postcard she gave to us today with details of her journey to the East Coast from her homestead in Montana

Lady Long Rider Bernice Ende lives in Trego, Montana and is riding to Portland, Maine where she will winter, and then head west to ride Canada from coast to coast and return home through Washington and Idaho.  She is doing a 8000 mile 2 ½ year ride that started in 2014 and will end in 2016.   Check out Bernice Ende's website to track her journey:

The horses are Essie Pearl, a 12 year old Fjord mare and the other one, Montana Spirit is a 5 year old Fjord/Percheron mare.

We share this story because the experience was a touch of enchantment and magic and adventure, as well as witnessing the vitality of the human spirit in a world so racked with dissension and lack of caring for the next person.  Bernice has been long riding since 2005 and My wife says Bernice is a retired ballet teacher who was interviewed on the Today Show a few years ago.        

Here is a video clip from the interview (2012):  


That's the story...


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Of Chicken Wings, Champagne and Celebration

The wait is over!


Breakout the Champagne! ~ Photo by:  Lisa Brennan, aaduna visual art editor/website manager


aaduna Volume 4/Issue 2 Cover Art "Untitled," oil on canvas, by Judita Pamfil (c) 2014

The aaduna 2014 summer issue, Vol. 4, No. 2 is now available.

Visit www.aaduna.org and enjoy!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Tantalize Your Senses…Spoken Word, Poetry and Art

Words have a fluency and lilting quality that illuminates the consciousness when properly aligned and crafted.  Art takes us from the realm of the ordinary to the frontiers of imagination and wonderment.  Persecution Avenue and Chrystal Berche understand how to elicit magic that sparks the human spirit and impels us to think through what we feel after reading and/or experiencing art.

Persecution Avenue bobs and weaves his words similar to a cagey, seasoned prize-fighter who knows when to jab and when to float, when to throw the hook and when to rest on the ropes…here is a brief, teaser excerpt from his piece, “This Little City

This little city, my little city with the siren soundtrack:
where the B-more Black- birds smoke and mirrors lend the opium outcasts a purple hue; the opaque outrage at the state of the avenue.
A city again lost when they lose and so we choose to get tossed
 in the latent lavender suited lies of our pink politicians.
Forgetting their triple bra platform;
 are Sheila’s shopping habits the only notable mention?

How ‘bout the corner at,
 right near where I was born at,
the heads said the funk was never wack,
 “bad boy out” still echoes on the corner of Myrtle and Lafayette.

artwork by Chrystal Berch, aaduna contributing artist & poet (c) 2014

Chrystal Berche is nighttime stardust that coats and oozes into our being when we least expect it. Poet, visual artist, and purveyor of creative ideas and artistic designs, Ms. Berche brings her words and art to aaduna.  We are grateful for both.  Here is a snippet from her poem from “Until the End 

Sometimes it’s the first few notes of a piano played with nimble fingers
ivory keys that shatter the calm of a lonely drive on a winter’s day
the sky dark while I rage and pound the steering wheel
remembering the moment I heard the words telling me you were gone.

Sometimes it’s the first few cords wrung with heartrending beauty
from a black and silver guitar like the one that you used to play while I lay beside you
lost in a world only we could know, clinging to one another
wishing the whole world would fade away


Persecution Avenue’s “This Little City” has a lot more for you to read.

Chrystal Berche has another poem in addition to “Until the End” plus she has work on exhibit in one of the aaduna galleries. 

Avenue and Berche…coming soon…Volume 4, No. 2…summer 2014 issue.


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ready for another aaduna tease? You know you are!

Here are a few unedited [mostly] excerpts from Gillick, Murray, and Backer…three intriguing writers coming to the aaduna readership in the summer 2014 issue:

 from Matt Gillick’s “Swim Practice”

Dad was supposed to pick me up on time but he didn’t.  He was late again. He’s always on time right at five.  Mom said he sometimes took a long time putting on his green clothes and be late for his flight when he left.  I kind of wished he lost them so he could stay longer and tell me jokes.  They’re funny jokes like: “J.P., what happens to a…”  I forget the rest but I always laugh at the end.  The way he tells jokes is funny but I’m not laughing at him.  He just tells them well like I knew I would understand if I were smarter.  Mom told me not to laugh at kids at swim practice, so I laugh at them in the locker room.  One of them cried and I felt bad and I stopped for a bit.  She didn’t come back so I couldn’t say sorry.  Where was Dad?  He didn’t have another flight to catch.  I want Mom to tell me more about what Dad does.  I kind of know.


from Mike Murray’s “Stage Fright”

As Lila lay on the floor of the janitor’s closet, running her fingers over the raised flesh on her face still hot from being burned, she considered all the choices she’d made, not because she was Jewish, but because other people knew she was Jewish.  She couldn’t ignore the choked screams of the dark figure next to her, who had curled herself into the fetal position. Her screams became sobs.


Everyone felt the closure of summer.  Lila no longer heard the punctual cackles from her mom’s friends on Sunday nights while they killed a bottle of Sutter Home merlot on the porch.  The air had begun to fill with the smell of burnt leaves during Lila’s walks home from school, on weekends the white smoke from charcoal grilled hamburgers floating leisurely through her neighborhood, riding on the sound of leaf blowers.  The new beginnings of fall brought an omniscient sense of foreboding for Lila.


from Tom Backer’s “Fear”

I walk away, push through the swinging doors to a short dark hallway, and then turn the knob on the heavy metal door to the outside.

A grey limo, like a whale out of water, stretches across the No Parking zone about thirty feet from the entrance.  Both doors on this side of the main compartment are spread open, exposing a plush grey interior with two six packs of Bud on the floor, the legs of a guy and a girl in the back seat and those of a guy facing them.

My pool buddy, George, stands off to the side smoking.

Short and trim, always calm and dignified looking, he is black and his hair is just starting to grey at the temples.  There’s no cover charge at the Wild Goose and he is recently retired so he spends most of his evenings here, picking up free beers from chumps like me and some serious cash from guys who think they are pool sharks.  He doesn’t seem to notice that there are a lot of girls walking around in very abbreviated outfits, while I, despite what I said to the blonde with the nice ass, am an easy mark for the  girls and my factory job doesn’t pay me enough to spend a lot of time here.

aaduna's  Summer/Volume 4, No. 2 issue will have a lot for everyone…you’ll see!  Diversity in writing is wonderful!