Saturday, April 12, 2014

aaduna Spring 2014 Fundraiser ~ We need your Support!

 Fundraiser: Sunday, May 18th, Bill's Place/Harlem, NY
The Council of Literary Magazines & Presses [clmp] and the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) awarded aaduna, Inc. a capacity building grant to mount spring 2014 fundraisers, one in New York City (May 18th) and the other in Auburn, New York. (May 29th)

Tickets are limited.  If attending either event, secure your spot today via Pay Pal:  

 We understand that many of our supporters and readers are geographically unable to attend either of these events.  However, as a public, charity-supported organization, we have to document our worth to maintain our tax-exempt status.  And charitable donations are a critical and proof positive way to articulate public support for what we do, which is to provide a viable platform for emerging and established poets, writers, and visual artists to present their work to the global community.  aaduna is a crucial and vibrant conduit to present voices and visions often denied access to the world of publishing and a national and international audience to enjoy and assess their work.  

Fundraiser: Thursday, May 29th at Theater Mack/Auburn, NY

aaduna needs your financial support…Now.

Donate $15, $25, $50, $75, $100 or more before May 31, 2014.  You can donate via Pay Pal

  • You can make a contribution via Pay Pal by using the Donate button below:

or you can mail your check or money order payable to aaduna, Inc. to 

aaduna SFR

144 Genesee Street, Suite 102-259

Auburn, NY 13021       

aaduna, Inc. will acknowledge your donation and provide a letter or invoice documenting your charitable donation.  We constantly give a lot to submitters and readership.  This spring needs to be our time…you and us.  It is that important. 

Invest in us. 

Send or make your donation before May 31, 2014. 

Your support is needed and critical.

Thank you. And stay creative!


Sunday, April 6, 2014

New Players on the Scene

Banwa Team:  Theodora Ravago & Chris Gannon (photo provided)
In a few days, we will officially launch our Third Anniversary winter/spring 2014 issue. And with that publication, we will premier our new look and design. The skills and creativity of the Banwa team collaborated with us to bring you - our contributors and readers - a contemporary and exciting re-design, and functionality to our web site. Indigo Graphics and Design, based in Baltimore, Maryland, started the ball rolling in 2011 with our premier issue and its work made a lasting impact on how literary journals should look and feel.  Now, Banwa brings its interpretation of aaduna to you. 

aaduna thanks Nia Rock who championed support from the Sovereign Bank Foundation whose grant award made this web site initiative possible and in doing so, strengthened our ability to reach deeper into the various communities served by Sovereign Bank.

aaduna has a proven track record of identifying new and emerging artists and creative people. 

That momentum led us to Banwa, a web site design company started in 2013.  Based in Syracuse, New York, the Banwa team of Theodora Ravago and Christopher Gannon will enable aaduna to continue its Mission to present poets, writers and visual artists on a platform that engages our readership and prompts folks to share the publication with others who may not know about us. In addition, their savvy understanding of social media will prompt us to continue exploring the possibilities of presenting creative work in a technological environment.    

The Banwa work…our new issue…is coming at you. 

We appreciate your patience and hope you enjoyed meeting the contributors to the Third Anniversary issue via our various promotional blog postings. 

We toast and thank the expanding aaduna community of poets, writers, artists, and readers!

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

APRIL is National Poetry Month

Send a poem to your social media contacts.

Post a poem with us on our new Aaduna, Inc facebook page! 

  Click here to post!  

Share a poem with those you love.

Read a poem and just reflect.

And be on the look out for these other poets who will grace the next issue of aaduna:

Erika Donald

Christine M. Donofrio

Dr. Ho Cheung (Peter) Lee

Edward Mendes

Joann Quiñones

aaduna celebrates poetry and salutes poets everywhere who make life more enchanting and intriguing.

The Third Anniversary winter/spring 2014 issue coming in…you guessed it…National Poetry Month…real soon!!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Meet poets, Noor and Williamson: Complexity and Grace for aaduna's upcoming winter/spring issue!

Poet, Noorulain Noor  (photo provided)
There is a detached elegance regarding Noorulain Noor’s work.  Her pieces titter on elegance and simplicity with rich layers of hued emotional context and vivid portrayals. Here are brief excerpts from her work in the winter/spring 2014 issue:

from Holiday House

She traced circles on her palm as she told

us the stories of her youth and the fold

in the fabric of history that broke

a nation, birthed two, and many a folk-

tale of love and triumph, battle and loss,

and back to the time she walked across

an intangible border in the land,

the signature of a powerful hand….

from Atonement

…Maybe I would find you then

on an indistinguishable road of this metropolis,

see you from afar and recognize

your eyes and the wrinkle between them,

the one I sewed and kissed and loved. But,

in the clamor of people and their voices,

will you hear me when I call your name?...

Read Noor's complete works plus Weatherman in our next issue.

Dr. Ernest Williamson III, PhD

Ernest Williamson III, PhD dares to be different with a seasoned poetic voice that articulates passion, triumph and crystallizes the human spirit.  His work engages and invites reflection and discussion.  Here are a few excerpts from his work:

from Peeling Gray Apples

acid from my eyes
melts the snow.
hemlock and bonfires erupt
in mid-air.
spoken word
poetry has lifted callow bricks,
brick red
dead roads
leading to what we reap;

from Rant of an Old Wiccan Lady

mention me in love;

after you make love to the silhouette of my dress.

hint with husk after these maroon breasts

may the maiden milk you tasted as a child

bring you under the callow lament of my professed niceties.

my thighs are yours and mine….

Read his complete work plus Danielle’s Denial…coming soon.

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Realism Coming Straight at Ya! aaduna Welcomes contributors Boyd and Carter!

Dennis R. Boyd, Jr.  (photo provided)
Dennis R. Boyd, Jr., known as D.J. writes with a realism and down-to-earth sensibilities that are refreshing and unpredictable. Boyd has lived a life that could be a character in the classic literature that he continues to enjoy reading. While we are just teasing you, his bio and full story is coming in aaduna's upcoming issue. Here is a brief excerpt, from the opening of his short story, "Michael:"

Annie sipped her latte and lit a cigarette. “Why the hell am I wasting such a beautiful Saturday morning talking to someone I really don’t like, about something I really don’t want to talk about,” she wondered in silence. She exhaled a lungful of smoke into the waking city above and died another tiny, private death.

Across from her, Caroline slouched and chomped at her bagel like a cow chewing cud, gnashing and smacking on the same bite for her customary twenty-eight chews. It was the number recommended in some magazine article Caroline had read concerning the improvement of gastrointestinal functions. She had far less gas these days, and swore by the method.

“Michael’s an ass,” Caroline finally decided, informing Annie of her verdict in a disinterested sigh before slumping back into her wicker chair.

B. Lynn Carter (photo provided)

B. Lynn Carter is a writer, influencer, founder of a writing support group and hails from that part of New York that must have The in front of its name. Think Yankee Stadium, the origins and innovations in hip hop, graffiti art etc. Soon you will also think Carter. Her work has been published in several journals, and here is a quick clip from her story set to appear in the next issue of aaduna titled "One Wild Ride:"


I never quite knew exactly how I came to my comprehension of Spanish. Probably hanging out with my Puerto Rican friends had a lot to do with it. Whatever the reason, it was something that made me feel unique. In a time when there were many fewer Spanish speaking people in the city, who looked to be of African descent, I was a “secret agent”. I was “down low” “under cover” with my secret ability to crack that code. How I loved stepping up to translate for some poor “communicationally challenged” person. In those moments I was a super hero. There were many such occasions when I felt my Spanish empowered me. But there is this one time in particular that really stands out in my mind.

Once again, I was on the subway. It was some years later and by then the subway had become my least favorite place to be. Gone was the music. My personal inner music had been replaced by big loud boom boxes that other people were “good” enough to play for all the rest of us, whether we wanted to hear it or not.
« « « « «

Check out the rest of Boyd’s and Carter’s stories in aaduna's upcoming issue - SOON TO LAUNCH!!!!!!

D.J. and B.  Oh my YES!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wonderful is Boodoo-Fortuné & Christopher H. Gorrie

Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné is a poet and artist.  As an artist, she creates vibrant multi-colored and subtle hued work that is mystical, romantic and enchanting.  Danielle will exhibit several images in the winter/spring 2014 issue so we will tease you with only one of her pieces:

"The Deer Goddess," Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné (c) 2014
You have a visual delight coming at you in a few days and you will remember Boodoo-Fortuné.       


Christopher H. Gorrie is a 21st century Renaissance Man. His artistic interests span the spectrum of cultural ideas and he illuminates these areas with vision, intelligence and focus.

Here is a teaser from his poem:

“On a Marriage that Was to Take Place atop Half

Dome in Yosemite National Park

for Nick and Katie”

“I think it was Auden who whined, “Marriage is rarely bliss,”
though he lightened the phrase by encapsulating it in the context of modern physics –
namely, at least it has the ability to take place,
and that should be enough to bring bliss equal to Buddha’s Emptiness.

So, I'm happy our call got
for the dial tone was
the pithiest aphorism on marriage any sentient life could've produced.”

An excerpt from Gorrie is not enough.  A single work from Boodoo-Fortuné is not enough.

We know.  More to come!     
aaduna’s winter/spring 2014 issue coming soon.  WATCH FOR IT!

Friday, March 21, 2014

aaduna welcomes spring by sharing with you...

Spring has sprung!  Meet Ivan de Monbrison and Shelby Settles Harper, aaduna contributors featured in our upcoming Winter/Spring 2014 issue.

Artist, Ivan de Monbrison’s work bristles with innovation, intelligence and subtle nuances.  His work requires a second contemplative look to appreciate how he easily juxtaposes diverse imagery into an elegant scene.  His work challenges and places you in the vortex of his imagination.  His latest works will grace the Kuta Gallery in the winter/spring 2014 issue and you will be able to observe how his poetry frames the visual acuity of his artistic projects. Here is an image from his forthcoming exhibition in aaduna:
"eyes in the sky," Ivan de Monbrison, digital work, Paris 2013 (c)


Shelby Settles Harper (photo provided)
“Peyote Spirit” is Shelby Settles Harper’s fiction contribution in the next issue.  She weaves words and images into a literary fabric that gets better with each read.  Here is an opening teaser from her story:

When I first arrived on the rez I tried to out-Indian all the other Indians in Window Rock.  I told the most jokes, grew my hair long, and let the desert sun darken my skin until I was damn near the same shade as the Navajos I ran with.  I don’t know if I drank the most beer, but I sure tried. 
            A buddy of mine from the Army – a broad-shouldered, 6’5 Navajo we all called Shorty – got me a job working with him at the BIA.  I easily fell in with him and his friends, and a few nights a week we’d pile in Shorty’s beat-up 1966 Impala, headed for the bars in Gallup.  There was a strip along the highway that led into town and served, along with an assortment of bikers and Mexicans, Indians fleeing dry reservations.    

Want more? 

Well, Shelby's complete “Peyote Spirit” story will be coming at you in a few weeks along with Ivan's exhibition.  Watch this blog for the official launch date. 

And, at that point, you will get more Harper and de Monbrison. 
For sure!