Monday, September 21, 2015

aaduna and autumn…like leaves and color.

Late Summer Day in Central NY, September 16, 2015 (Photo by: Lisa Brennan)
As the days of summer transition to the wonderment of the fall season, aaduna will release its combined summer and fall issue in mid-late October.  Noticing the symbiotic nature of the diverse work for individual issues, the awakening led to the decision to fold the summer issue into the fall so the works complement and supplement each other, and compel the reader to transverse different directions.  This combined issue may offer more than the normal vitality and intrigue of a single issue.  You will be the judge.

Starting this week, we will present snippets and tads of information about the contributors.  So, as we always say before an issue launches, “Get ready…”

In other news, aaduna added two new countries to its global reach, (Algeria and Cambodia) and we are now read in 85 countries to date!

The “likes” on our Facebook            page (Aaduna, Inc)              are increasing, and we welcome everyone to look at what we do; assess the effort, and if it pleases your intellectual curiosity, your creativity, and how you see the world, “Like Us.” We welcome hearing from you with any comments or suggestions.  E- us at

Enjoy the last few days of summer and WELCOME a new season called fall!   (photos by:  Lisa Brennan)

Monday, September 14, 2015

Upstate New York College Announces Chapbook Contest

Since I know the campus, the work of the College's Press and letterpress-printed, hand-sewn endeavors, and had a professional relationship with Wells back in the day when I served as a dean at Cayuga Community College, I think this is a grand opportunity if you or colleagues that you will share this posting with are interested.


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

"of poetry and storytelling - a celebration of words and images"

South Porch, Seward House Museum (photo by: Lisa Brennan)

aaduna, Inc. in association with the Harriet Tubman Boosters presented a reading of words on the South Porch of the Seward House Museum.  Three reading rounds enabled the audience to experience intriguing and enchanting words that were heard throughout the Gardens of the Museum.  This event celebrated the Museum's September First Friday Community Event, as well as the non-profit corporation's fifth year of publishing aaduna, an online literary and visual arts journal.  

Bobbie Dumas Panek (photo:  Lisa Brennan)
Ron Van Nostrand (Photo by: Jessie Reich)
The affair, funded in part by Poets & Writers with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature, featured the esteemed Auburn poet, Bobbie Dumas Panek...

Special guest, Ron Van Nostrand who is the publisher of Olive Trees, a print journal of poetry, fiction, artwork, and  much more,

William E Berry, Jr (photo by: Lisa Brennan)

and bill berry, jr. aaduna, Inc.'s CEO and publisher of aaduna.
aaduna, Inc. hosted an exhibition of visual images that chronicles five years of presenting artwork as a critical component of aaduna in the Museum's Visitors' Welcome area. 
The not-for-sale exhibition runs through the month of September and features representative images created by Ivan de Monbrison, David Roche, Danielle Boodoo-Fortune, Maya Goldstein, Enrico Gaveglia, Chrystal Berche, Judita Pamfil, Dr. Ernest Williamson III, Peter Nakhid, Allen Forrest, Melvin Douglas, Lisa A. Brennan, Woody Nicholson, New York Institute of Dance and Education,  and Kai Adwoa-Thomas. 

Billye Chabot, director, Seward House Museum & Bill Berry, aaduna Inc. CEO/publisher aaduna

bill berry, jr,. chats with Ron and Toni Van Nostrand at Seward House Museum reading
Special guests at the aaduna reading at the Seward House Museum: Frank Daspit and sister, Dana, and sister -in-law Betsy Hennessy

Billye Chabot, director Seward House Museum and treasurer, aaduna Board of Directors with NY State Senator John DeFrancisco at the aaduna, Inc. reading
(Photo by Jessie Reich)

Featured readers:  Bobbie Dumas Panek, Ron Van Nostrand, and bill berry, jr.

Photo by Jessie Reich

Bobbie Dumas Panek, Laurel Ullyette (president, Harriet Tubman Boosters,) bill berry,jr., Ron and Toni Van Nostrand)

Below are some images from aaduna, Inc. September 2015 exhibition, "A Measure of Time and Imagery
at Seward House Museum - on exhibit until the end of September ~ if you are nearby, please stop by the museum to enjoy in person!

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Monday, September 7, 2015

We Remember

Katrina…New Orleans and the Gulf region…

Voices that will never be able to spew out rhymes that dip, stretch, and strike cords in our consciousness

9th Ward, New Orleans, LA - google image

Hands that will never write those words to inspire and teach us truths over fantasy, dreams over madness, worth over defeatism

Feet that will never touch the stage and bring us flights of fancy, and make complicity, our simplicity

Breath that will never blow out those tunes that makes us tap our feet and drift back to those times in our lives

Intellects that will never serve as leaders in all idioms of commerce and creativity

Spirits that will never make us want to become more than what we are in this moment.

We remember….2005.

© 2015 by bill berry, jr.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


SAVE THE DATE!!! September 4th...aaduna contributor Bobbie Dumas Panek and special guest Ron Van Nostrand will present their work on the South Porch at The Seward House Museum along with Publisher, bill berry who will also present his poetry (a rare occasion!) 

 Find out more:

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Words can’t express….Has this happened to you?

You are in an unexpected situation…gone through a planned experience…got caught off guard…found yourself in an uncontrollable moment….experienced feelings that you can’t intelligibly articulate….did you cry Tearz?

In a world of new cultural genres that may have roots in the past, the past never expected the fluidity, diversity, explosion, and range of creative expressions that are at our doorstep…invading every aspect of what we see, feel, and experience.

Tearz is the essence of spoken word - poetry with attitude, swagger and verve…not backing down…bringing it to you straight, no chaser…raw…focused…exciting!

Words can’t express…see and listen for yourself…VIDEO #8 (and the last of this series) from aaduna's spring fundraiser in Auburn, NY on May 28, 2015.

aaduna published "Covenant" in the fall/winter 2014 issue.  CHECK IT OUT:

And if you still can't get enough, read more of Tearz work presented in aaduna's spring 2015 issue right here:

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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sylvester Stewart…do you know him? Betcha you do!

I saw him and his family at the now defunct Electric Circus, an entertainment Mecca that graced the middle of the block (which had become the east coast epicenter of youth culture as I knew it… even tried to get a job at the “Circus,” maybe it was 1963…didn’t happen…I was not weird enough…so I knew the venue well especially the downstairs space that was devoted to soul music and R&B on Sunday evenings for dancing and other frivolities….The Circus balanced St. Marks Place, East Village, NYC where the counter-culture lifestyle of hippies and  so called “flower children” reigned supreme and the air always had a distinct aroma and hazy aura.

So, when Auburn’s adopted daughter and sister friend, Cyd Charisse Fulton took to the mic at aaduna’s May 28th Theater Mack fundraiser and started to talk about Sly and the Family Stone and her poem that centered on his music, I knew she was ready to rock it.  Oh…if you don’t know, Sly was a west coast DJ named Sylvester Stewart before he launched the band and then permeated the world with his infectious music and mesmerizing stage shows.  Anyway…

Cyd Charisse Fulton, Poet ~ May 28, 2015 aaduna fundraiser

Poet, publisher, writer, colleague, and friend, Cyd did what she always does when she reads in Auburn; she wrapped her words around the minds of the audience and took them “higher.”  

Sitting in a side seat away from the audience’s sight lines, I sung the words and swung low with the sweet chariot delivered by Cyd Charisse Fulton.

It's your turn.

CHECK OUT Cyd's presentation of her most challenging works, "Stonez"  or CLICK RIGHT HERE

Cyd ~ We thank you for your undying love and support since day one!  Auburn's own, adopted daughter ~ Mz. Cyd Charisse Fulton!

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